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A hernia is a sac

  • Go Smaller, Fruitier this Holiday Season

    Go Smaller, Fruitier this Holiday Season

    With the holiday and holiday parties around the corner, many people look forward to this time of year. But for many gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap band patients, holiday parties pose a large mental and physical stumbling block. While it may be easy to take small bites of protein and vegetables around the dinner table or at cocktail hour, the dessert may be a higher hurdle to jump.

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  • 5 Fab Facts about Pomegranates

    5 Fab Facts about Pomegranates

    Many people wait all year for pomegranates to come into season. Typically, pomegranate season is from September to December, which puts it right in line with the holiday season. But this special fruit isn’t your typical heavy holiday treat, it’s sweet and delicious, and above all, it’s actually good for you! Pomegranates can be an interesting fruit to eat, but that makes it part of the fun. And having to work at eating something can slow our consumption down and help us eat less as our brain takes its time to signal that it’s no longer hungry, which can contribute to weight loss.

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