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Compare Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery helps obese individuals to lose weight when diet and exercise do not provide positive outcomes. The surgery helps limits the amount of food intake, reduces the calories absorbed and also helps the individual feel full with less food. Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss consists of Three Types of Surgeries: Gastric Bypass, Lap-Band and Vertical Sleeve Gasterectomy:

  • Gastric Bypass: Reduces the size of the stomach and creates a bypass from a small part of the stomach to the middle section of the intestine, thereby avoiding a large portion of the stomach and intestine. Read more
  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: Helps you lose weight by removing a large portion of the stomach and retaining only a narrow section, which is about the size of a banana. Read more

With the help of the below image, Florida Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Shillingford clearly describes and compares these procedures. Dr. Shillingford will discuss the options with you and help you make an informed decision on the best procedure for you.

Surgical Options Flyer all Three

For further information on these procedures please visit FAQs.

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Dr. Shillingford’s team in Boca Raton, Florida will be happy to guide you through the pre and postoperative process of your surgery. At your first visit, Dr. Shillingford will explain each procedure along with its risks/benefits so that you can make an informed decision about the type of bariatric surgery that is best for you. He will take the time to answer all your questions and concerns. Dr. Shillingford will be available throughout the entire surgical process and is proud to offer comprehensive care and support across the course of your treatment.