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HIIT Workouts: Good or Bad for Gastric Sleeve Patients?

HIIT Workouts: Good or Bad for Gastric Sleeve Patients?
HIIT Workouts: Good or Bad for Gastric Sleeve Patients?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are trending in local gyms and on social media. The promise of burning maximum calories while incorporating rest periods seems ideal, especially for gastric sleeve patients who seek to lose weight fast but aren’t used to routine workouts. HIIT workouts claim to burn maximum calories by demanding short bouts of high intensity exercise followed by rest periods.

HIIT workouts sound perfect, but in order to get the most of the workout, the high intensity part of the workout must be kept up consistently each time. Performing the exercises properly (in addition to intensely) is also key.

So, are HIIT workouts good or bad for gastric sleeve patients?

While each person’s level of fitness varies, even amongst gastric sleeve patients, HIIT workouts may pose a greater risk to weight loss surgery patients than to the average person trying to lose weight. After you have been cleared to exercise after gastric sleeve surgery, it is likely that your initial weight loss has included both fat as well as muscle. This means that your body may not be at it’s strongest. At this point in time, the intensity of the HIIT workouts may a risk of orthopedic injury. You also may not have the muscle strength to perform the intensity of the workout consistently in order to burn maximum calories.

While HIIT workouts may prove to be a great method for fat loss and weight loss, they may not be ideal for recent gastric sleeve surgery patients. In the weeks after initiating exercise after gastric sleeve surgery, it may be best to start slower, build muscle tone, and work on correct form. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, consider using a trainer to incorporate HIIT workouts safely. After you’ve mastered proper form and have built up stamina, HIIT workouts can be something to consider incorporating into your post bariatric surgery weight loss efforts.