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A hernia is a sac

  • Five Reasons to Practice Planks

    Five Reasons to Practice Planks

    If there was one pose you could do everyday to help improve your body would you do it? Well, there is. Plank pose is a strength training pose that works several muscle groups (including abdominals, arms, legs, chest, back, and glutes) at one time. It’s done isometrically, meaning the pose works by contracting your muscles and holding one steady position. Planks won’t take the place of aerobic workouts which burn a lot of calories.

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  • Bariatric Patients Should Avoid These Burpee Mistakes to Prevent Injury

    Bariatric Patients Should Avoid These Burpee Mistakes to Prevent Injury

    New Year’s resolutions often include things like weight loss, eating better, and exercising more. Those resolutions often lead to a spike in new gym attendees. Encouraging people to exercise to promote health and weight loss is great. But exercise should be done safely. This is especially true for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap band patients who have recently had their bariatric surgery and are at a higher risk of injury.

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  • Plank Variations: Side Plank

    Plank Variations: Side Plank

    Planks strengthen your core muscles and each variation helps target different muscle groups so it’s good to add different versions to your fitness repertoire. The side plank is specifically good for improving balance and concentration in addition to really working those core, back, and leg muscles.

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