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Holiday Sweet Tooth Control

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Holiday Sweet Tooth Control
Holiday Sweet Tooth Control

With the holiday season at full swing there is no better time to be thankful for good health. This time of year in particular provides a chance to indulge in time with loved ones around the dinner table. This also is a great opportunity to practice self-constraint when faced with decadent desserts from all directions. Many of us struggle with a sweet tooth, and completely restricting this craving may come back to sabotage us. Nothing could be worse than a midnight sugar cookie binge after a week of great choices (especially after bariatric surgery when the stomach already has limited space for nutritious foods). To avoid this and other healthy lifestyle pitfalls it is a good idea to aim for making improvements, not necessarily perfection. The key to dealing with a sweet tooth, for example, is enjoying tasty treats in moderation. Allowing yourself to have dessert once a week and on special occasions is a healthy way to keep yourself honest and reward your efforts. Try sharing dessert with a loved one to cut back on your consumption. Often times just a taste is all you really need to satisfy a craving, savor each bite slowly and mindfully.

Dr. Shillingford and his staff wish you a Happy and Healthy holiday season!

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