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Can Bariatric Patients Do This For One Minute?

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Can Bariatric Patients Do This For One Minute?
Can Bariatric Patients Do This For One Minute?

Can Bariatric Patients Do This For One Minute?One minute. Sixty seconds. Can you do it? Can you run for one minute? While you are on a walk, could you run for sixty seconds? If you could (or would), you could improve your health.

New research is linking running (or performing another high intensity, weight-bearing exercise) for one minute a day to improved bone health in women, which could mean reduced risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

One minute can be a good goal for a non-runner to achieve. When on a walk, set a timer on your phone and begin running when you hit the ‘start’ button. Run like you’re trying to catch something or someone. It’s OK if have a hard time making it the full minute. Just keep trying every day for one minute, and you will be able to do it. Then, you could try adding a second minute later in your walk or doubling your running time for a two-minute interval. A second minute, or even third, does seem to increase the benefit to your bone health. Plus, it burns a few more calories that can contribute to weight loss.

For bariatric patients, exercise is critical to weight loss, muscle strengthening, stress relief, blood sugar control, and improving blood pressure. Once cleared by Dr. Shillingford on your post-surgical follow-up appointment, additional exercise should be incorporated into a healthy bariatric lifestyle. Walking is a great choice to do. For those who are ready to be the healthiest they can be, try to start by adding in one minute of running to your regular walk.

Dr. Shillingford, MD, PA performs gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, lap band, and revisional surgery, as well as hernia surgery, gallbladder removal, and other gastrointestinal surgeries. Dr. Shillingford’s weight loss surgery patients receive top-notch care at Northwest Medical Center’s Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery and follow up with Dr. Shillingford at his conveniently located Boca Raton office. His patients often come from local areas, like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Coral Springs, but also from further distances like Orlando, Naples, and Jacksonville. Dr. Shillingford encourages exercise as part of a bariatric lifestyle for all of his patients who have been cleared to exercise.