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Gastric Sleeve Patients Should Try This Hack for Making the Fluffiest Eggs

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Gastric Sleeve Patients Should Try This Hack for Making the Fluffiest Eggs
Gastric Sleeve Patients Should Try This Hack for Making the Fluffiest Eggs

Gastric Sleeve Patients Should Try This Hack for Making the Fluffiest Eggs

Eggs are a food that many bariatric surgery patients eat a lot of. And for good reason: they are full of high quality protein and no carbs. One egg has 75 calories, 7 grams of protein, iron, vitamin A, lutein, zeanthanin, and B12 among many other beneficial nutrients..

But eggs can be tricky for many post op gastric sleeve patients. The texture can be difficult to tolerate, especially in the early stages after weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve patients who have advanced in Dr. Shillingford’s post op gastric sleeve diet stages, can get bored of the same old ways of cooking eggs, and may be looking for a way to add variety to their egg dishes.

We’ve got a hack that can produce some of the fluffiest eggs you can get in the comfort of your home. And the secret is not in any extra ingredient that can add calories to your meal. The secret is in the method of cooking.

Crack your egg (or eggs) and separate the white from the yolk. Season the yolk with salt and pepper, add a dollop of plain greek yogurt if desired. Beat your egg white until it forms stiff peaks. Stiff peaks will look like little mountains that stay put when you lift the mixer out of the egg white. Once you’ve achieved stiff peaks, fold the egg yolk into the egg white. Cook the eggs in a pan with cooking spray over low-medium heat to create an omelet. If you want to add extra protein to your omelet, do not add it to the egg mixture. It will be too heavy for these light eggs. Instead, add cheese, ham, or other protein into the middle of your omelet after it’s cooked.

Are you ready to try it?

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