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I would recommend to all people who are overweight to do gastric sleeve surgery. The recovery is fast. I’m proud to have surgery with the Dr. Shillingford team.

- Miguel G. (Miami, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 56 lbs 3 months*

Glad I made the change.

- Brittany H. (Florida)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 59 lbs in over 3 months*

I am on my way to my healthiest self! Dr. Shillingford is very kind and knowledgeable, a true professional. I am 4 months post surgery and I feel great! My excess weight is coming off steadily and consistently. I am excited for the future thanks to the help of my gastric sleeve. This isn’t a quick fix to weight loss, it is a tool, you still need to put in the work and make good choices! All in all, I love my gastric sleeve. Thank you Dr. Shillingford!

- Alexis P. (Coral Springs, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 60 lbs in 4 months*

Overall, I feel the surgery went very well for me. Being a college student, I did wait until I had a break for the summer and would suggest to others to do the same. My friends did notice a different in both my weight and my eating habits, so I am glad I told them in advance.

- Sabrina D. (Boca Raton, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 35 lbs in 3 months*

Dr. Shillingford is the best! Very patient, very nice. Anytime you text him, he answers it. In the hospital, everybody is very nice too. The best doctor!

- Adriana (Coconut Creek, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 16 lbs in 1 month*

Dr. Shillingford was very reachable after my gastric sleeve surgery, I felt so secure and safe. My operation went well, my follow up visits were very easy to book as Elba was very pleasant to deal with. Any information was always available if needed. Elba is a great asset to Dr. Shillingford. Dr. Shillingford was very professional and human, I did not feel like a number, but more like a part of a family

- Stephan A. (Coral Springs, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
*Weight Loss to Date: 100 lbs in 6 months*

Last fall my wife and I embarked on a new journey in our lives. I have lost over 115 lbs and my wife has lost over 83 lbs and our lives have changed dramatically. I am so happy to have discovered Dr. Shillingford and his staff as they are some of the most professional and kind people we have met. They have helped us every step of this journey. We have discovered so many new things like lower blood pressure, not being pre diabetic anymore, energy, collarbones, shopping at regular stores, higher self esteem, doing things together that we had no energy for, exercising, saving a lot of money eating out and many other great things. No regrets! Best decision of our lives ☺

- B & N (Florida)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Weight Loss to Date: 115 lbs
*Weight Loss to Date: 83 lbs*

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the weight loss program.

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