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  • More Exercise Got You Sore?

    More Exercise Got You Sore?

    So you’ve started exercising, that’s great! Exercise is key to weight loss, especially for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and gastric band patients. But sore muscles don’t make you feel great. It might even be more than just uncomfortable, the muscle pain might make it hard to go about your work day without walking like a robot, or make it hard for you to lift your child, or give a hug, or lug a bag of fresh, healthy groceries to your car. Sore muscles can make bariatric patients not want to exercise, but the calories burned by exercise are crucial to making the most of your weight loss efforts and building lean muscle mass after weight loss surgery.

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  • 5 Foods that Fight Inflammation

    5 Foods that Fight Inflammation

    Inflammation is a normal process in the body. It is the body’s attempt at self-protection, a way of removing harmful stimuli, irritants, damaged cells or pathogens. Acute inflammation is the fast response of the body to remedy the problem and begin the healing process. We see acute inflammation in conditions like bronchitis, sinusitis, appendicitis, wounds

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