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Egg-cellent Egg Recipes for National Egg Day

Egg-cellent Egg Recipes for National Egg Day
Egg-cellent Egg Recipes for National Egg Day

Eggs are a treasure in the food world that truly deserve a celebration. They deserve more than just a one day celebration, but we’ll take it if it’s National Egg Day.

Packed full of high quality protein and vitamins and minerals, eggs are a great food for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or lap band patients. One large egg has about 80 calories, 6 g protein, 5 g fat, and less than a single gram of carbohydrates. Eggs also have lutein, zeaxanthin, selenium, and riboflavin, in addition to small amounts of vitamin D and B12. Eggs do have a lot of cholesterol (186 grams in a large egg), but if you are at risk of having or have high cholesterol, you can always just consume the protein rich egg white.

One of the great features of eggs is how versatile they are. They can be cooked in so many ways: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, omelet, frittata, or baked. That variety sure can add versatility to a somewhat limited bariatric diet.

To help Dr. Shillingford’s gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap band patients make the most of National Egg Day and discover some protein rich additions to their meal plans, we’ve gathered some of our most popular egg recipes:

Not all recipes are right for all stages of a bariatric surgery diet. Check Dr. Shillingford’s post op diet plan to see what foods are right for your post op stage, or adjust the recipes to fit your stage, if possible. If you can’t, then bookmark these recipe for when you’ve entered the appropriate post op stage. As always, remember to chew your foods well, take your time to eat, and separate your meals from your fluids. Following Dr. Shillingford’s advice after your bariatric surgery is crucially important for weight loss success. To schedule your gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or lap band consultation with Dr. Shillingford, MD call today at (561) 483-8840.