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Barre Workout Routine

Barre Workout Routine
Barre Workout Routine

In order to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, committing to a weight loss surgery must go hand-in-hand with committing to an exercise program.   Whether you wish to tone your thighs, hips, legs and bottom, find a low impact routine, or obtain the highly idealized dancer’s body, Barre is a realistic and feasible workout routine that will help you achieve those goals.  Often described as a routine that blends the safety and strength training of Pilates, Yoga’s stretches and lengthening, and Ballet’s core-building and muscle sculpting, Barre is designed to provide a low impact, high fat-burning workout.  Incorporating motivating music and a Ballet barre, qualified instructors demonstrate small isometric movements and stretches to get a fast, exciting and safe workout that will lead you to have long, lean, sculpted muscles.

Recently, Bariatric (weight-loss) Surgeons, such as Dr. Shillingford, have recognized that many of the attributes of Barre exercise routines fit the needs of post-bariatric patients perfectly.  As patients make life changes that will help them to reach their goal body weight, many of them seek low-impact, exciting exercise routines that will help to kick-start their new lifestyles.  With its fun musical and dance elements, Barre routines do not incorporate jumping or bouncing, offering a fast paced workout that minimally impacts your joints.  In addition to being joint friendly, the workouts are designed to target problem areas; such as your thighs, legs, hips and bottom.  Additionally, these target areas are comprised of the body’s premier fat burning muscles – turning your body into a fat burning machine, even when it is at rest.  It is the ideal routine to allow you to workout smarter, not harder.

Dr. Shillingford offers minimally invasive, laparoscopic weight loss procedures to help you start your journey to a thinner, healthier you.  He and his team pride themselves in helping each patient meet his or her goal weight, and will always share new exercises or meal options that other patients have found success with.  Free one-on-one informational sessions with Dr. Shillingford are available to fit your schedule.  It’s time to get healthy! And Dr. Shillingford is here to help.