Weight Loss Spas – a colleague’s story


Today, I’d like to talk about weight loss spas. They seem to be popping up all over the place these days. Each one has their own unique plan and avenue to obtain that “oh so desired” number on the scale. Some range from The Master Cleanse where participants only drink spring water with “Grade B from the Tree” maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and loads of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Others offer a heartier approach with the Paleo idea of eating like a caveman; only consuming meats and plant foods. These spas also offer ranges of activities including yoga at sunrise, colonics, sweat lodges, massages, and beautiful daily hikes to melt that fat away. However, with all these different ways to go about it, it can seem overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. In my opinion and with your physician’s approval of course, I would lean toward the ones that offer the most realistic and maintainable approach for when you head home and try to incorporate this into your everyday life. As well as, have some fun while you’re doing it!

I had the unique experience of trying one of these spas out for myself back in 2010. The Kushi Institute (KI) is nestled away in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, about an hour or so drive from NYC. It focuses on the Macrobiotic Lifestyle of eating whole grains, legumes, veggies, seaweeds, and the everyday desserts made of fruit, nut butters, and Mother Nature’s sweeteners of brown rice syrups and honeys. The idea is to eat everything in a balance with your body and surroundings. Another words, eat things that are in season and that don’t travel crazy distances with loads of chemicals to keep them fresh because these heavily processed foods are in tern “bad for your body”. So you get a little idea of what this place is about, and yes, it is a little far-fetched only eating super clean vegan foods all day with not a lick of sugar or processing, but I had great results!

I lost 15 lbs in one month, added some weekly walking/jogging in to that equation with some crunches, and I could barely recognize myself! It was wonderful. I felt light and healthy, and always satisfied when it came to food. I was eating three meals a day, and a snack. The food is laid out in a buffet style, but centered around a different menu each day, so never repeats. Yes, I went back for seconds, and yes, it toke me a few days to get used to the “no sugar, no meat, no alcohol” thing, but I felt like I had cleansed and rested every organ in my body. I had the most beautiful skin on my face and back and always slept like a rock. I guess there is something to this lifestyle that I had so drifted from in my typical American hustle and bustle of eating the most convenient and blasé thing. I gave my body some much needed TLC in terms of resting my digestion from eating junk and my body and skin was thanking me for it.

At the KI, there are lots of programs. You can take a one week weight loss course that consists of cooking classes, exercises, shiatsu massage, and daily lectures. Also, there are other retreats focused on controlling diabetes, psoriasis, and nutrition for cancer patients. There are people there for the weight loss and health aspects, as well as macrobiotic chef students. Some graduates include Madonna’s personal Macrobiotic chef, Mayumi Nishimura, and a Florida native, Gayle Stolove with Wholly Macro, which delivers home meals based out of Fort Lauderdale.

In conclusion, whatever weight loss spa you decide to do, make sure to ask your doctor and research it well. Maybe you want to do something super intense like The Master Cleanse, or maybe you’re interested in something you can take home with you like Macrobiotics. Either way you chose, it will help you reach your goal and have some fun while doing it.

At Dr Shillingford’s weight loss surgery practice we always love to hear patient and colleagues stories regarding weight loss success with options including weight loss surgery and/or spas and exercise/nutrition regimens!

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