Weight Bearing Exercises – For stronger bones and a healthier you!


“Weight loss or fitness” I’m sure features on the top of many people’s New Year resolution list. As the year wears on, many of us lose sight of that goal as life happens around us. At Dr. Shillingford’s practice in DelRay Beach, Florida we partner you at every step of your journey with our range of procedures such as Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass and dedicated multi-dimensional postoperative care. While surgery is a first step to a healthier you the key to sustained success is diet and exercise.

Regular exercise helps to control weight, protects the body against diseases and boosts energy. You don’t always need a fancy gym to exercise! Simple weight bearing exercises can be done everyday at no extra cost and without much fancy equipment. So what are these weight bearing exercises? Any exercise that makes you move against gravity while staying upright. Simple things like –

Running / jogging,
Climbing stairs

are great examples of weight bearing exercises. If you are a member of a gym be sure to include some aerobics and zumba classes, use the stair step machine or elliptical when you hit the gym next. Weight bearing exercises also help to build and maintain strong bones. However if you are already osteoporotic or have broken a bone you should always consult a doctor before starting any weight bearing exercises. Post a lap-band or any other bariatric procedure too Dr. Shillingford and his team always work with each individual to tailor an exercise regime best suited for them. The start to any exercise regime is always with simple weight bearing exercises like walking and the complexity is increased over time under careful supervision as the body heals post the surgery. With weight bearing exercises its great if you can squeeze in 30 minutes at a stretch or even in parts during the day – every day! Your bones will definitely be stronger for it!

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