WATER, WEIGHT LOSS and BARIATRIC SURGERY views from our Florida Weight Loss Surgery Practice


We’ve all been to our primary care physicians and heard them say, “DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!” Many people don’t understand the importance of adhering to this particular advice. Water is nature’s best elixir for our bodies. AND IT’S FREE! So why not take advantage of its benefits? After weight loss surgery the concept of water intake will be etched into your brain by your surgeon and nurse educator, and for good reason. Following most surgeries, the body goes through natural changes that may cause dehydration and ultimately a slow and disappointing path on your journey to a healthier and happier you.

Water is the most abundant component of our bodies, accounting for 50% to 60% of its mass. It plays and intricate role in many functions of the body including the transport of oxygen, nutrients and waste products into and out of the cells. It also has many electrolytes needed to carry out daily processes of the body. Water is responsible for digestion, absorption and motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Weight loss CAN NOT be optimally accomplished without the healthy functioning of these processes.

Below are just a few reasons how noncompliance with the fluid requirements set forth by your surgeon can affect your weight loss negatively:

  • Calorie burning requires water. NO WATER=NO WEIGHTLOSS!
  • Calorie burn flushes toxins from the body. NO WATER=cells that won’t let go of fat!
  • Water increases the volume of blood available to feed and build strong muscle and lubricate joints. NO WATER=UNTONE BODY and PAINFUL JOINTS
  • Fiber is necessary to move solid wastes that add to your weight out of the body but fiber is no good without the lubrication benefits of WATER! NO WATER=CONSTIPATION
  • Drinking water with a meal may make you feel full sooner and therefore satisfied eating less.

The purpose of any bariatric procedure is to accomplish weight loss necessary to decrease risks for potential health problems, decrease effects of current health problems,  develop healthy body image and to generally improve quality of life! Making the decision to undergo weight loss surgery is the first decision in a long line of many that will affect your progress. Drinking water is the easiest, least expensive and, arguably, the most important life style modification that you can make to reach your goal! So the next time you’re in a restaurant, skip the sweet drinks and order up a tall glass of H20! IT’S ON US! You may call us at 5614830844 to consult with our Florida bariatric surgery practice to learn more about weight loss surgery in Florida.

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