The Benefits of Juicing in Your Diet and Nutrition Plan of Weight Loss

The Juicing Craze has definitely taken over. Dr. Shillingford and many of his staff are involved with juicing in their own personal health plans and diets. Nutrition is gaining slow and steady notice in the mass media and we are only at the tip of the iceberg in understanding the benefits (including weight loss) of having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It has already been noticed in diseases such as breast cancer, juicing can have a significant impact on one’s health and anti oxidant effects. Valuable compounds called flavonoids and anthocyanins are abundant in a variety of fruits and vegetables and guard against oxidative cellular damage, which comes from everyday cellular maintenance and is exacerbated by exposure to chemicals and pollution.

Patients continue to want to learn how to optimize their diet after a procedure such as lap-band surgery. Our patients from areas as far as Tampa and Naples and as close as Miami are frequently calling our office to ask questions regarding nutrition as well as consulting with our nutritionist to learn more education. Although one has to be careful not to “drink one’s calories” in a weight loss plan – proper hydration, fiber and diet are important in determining which liquids are best to drink.

Lap-Band surgery patients throughout Florida frequently want to know which juicing recipes are most optimal and healthy. One of the advantages in living in areas such as Miami, Tampa and Naples per se is the wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits Florida growers provide. Many green markets and farm fresh vendors are opening up with healthier, more organic and less pesticide exposed produce.

Nutrition, Diet and Juicing in the end tend to be more personally tailored and taking advantage of the nutritional resources Dr Shillingford and his staff provide to patients is highly encouraged. Lap-band surgery patients and all surgical patients working with Dr Shillingford’s office are also encouraged to attend support groups with our nutritionist monthly to learn more per nutrition.

For more information and recipes check out the following previous blog post as well. Happy juicing and to good health!

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