How to get the Best Results After Bariatric Surgery with Dr. Shillingford

How to get the Best Results After Bariatric Surgery with Dr. Shillingford

Ready to get your health back? Ready to take control of your health? Dieting and exercising alone aren’t working for you? How many people around do you know have undergone weight loss procedures and loved their results? Bariatric surgery can be your best tool in the start of losing that extra weight that seems impossible to get rid of. Dr. Shillingford is a board certified bariatric surgeon who looks forward to educating on methods of losing weight. Losing weight will motivate you to continue to live a healthier life. You can start by eating healthier by making healthier choices. When losing weight you look and feel better and have more motivation to participate in exercise to fine-tune your results.

It is important to remember that any bariatric surgery is simply a tool and you will need other methods to maintain the weight loss and supplements to maintain your health standards. With the adjustment of your stomach via the band, sleeve or by-pass procedure, your body will need extra vitamins and supplements that you may no longer be taking in or absorbing as you use to. Zinc and magnesium are two main minerals that the body needs in order to maintain balance and proper gastrointestinal function.

Your new stomach will need zinc to repair the lining in your gut so it can resume its normal function. A zinc deficiency can cause a lack of adequate digestive enzyme function that is pertinent to the success of weight loss surgeries. Magnesium is required for the proper function of stomach muscles, breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients. Within the stomach, magnesium helps neutralize stomach acid and moves stools through the intestine. After weight loss surgery, the minimal intake of food can cause mild constipation but with the supplement use of magnesium, it will promote bowel movements.
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Weight loss surgery can render the successful results you’ve been diligently working to obtain but with upkeep you will be able to maintain your optimal goal. For more information on the post opp maintenance please fill free to contact our office. We look forward to being apart of your success.

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