5 Ways to Handle Stress (That Don’t Include Eating)

We all face stressful situations in our lives, some are minor (like a forgotten umbrella in the rain) and some are major (like our health, safety, and security). Stress can often make our hearts pound, our muscles go tense, our teeth clench, and our breathing more rapid. We feel stress physically as well as emotionally. […]

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Top 3 Activities to Get You Started Working Out

January is a great time to start an exercise regime. Lots of friends, family, and coworkers may also be starting to work out (maybe thanks to some New Year’s resolutions), so it’s easy to find support and encouraging words. If you’ve been cleared to exercise by Dr. Shillingford after your gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or […]

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Benefits of Having Bariatric Surgery at a Center of Excellence

Gastric sleeve surgery is quickly becoming the top choice for patients seeking a permanent solution to their weight loss needs. In this procedure, a portion of the stomach is surgically removed creating a smaller pouch. The portion of the stomach that is removed is responsible for secreting Ghrelin, an appetite stimulating hormone, thereby reducing appetite […]

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Men Be Warned: You Eat Nearly Double When Women are Around

Men have a tendency to try to show off in front of women, and according to Cornell University, this behavior extends into their eating habits. Compared to eating with a group of only men, men in a group with at least one woman will eat up to 93% more. That means when a woman is […]

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Steak Salad

September is here, and soon we will be entering a time when we can start to feel fall creeping in. But, for now, it’s still summer and that means it’s the perfect time for grilling. If you planned this for dinner and rain complicates your plans, the steak can be equally delicious cooked inside in […]

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